Can you believe I’m only now reading the Wheel of Time books? I know! And I call myself a fantasy fan? Obviously, I’ve been remiss.

Of all the negatives I could list from the pandemic, it did me a few favors. (Hey! I’m a silver lining kind of guy.) One favor is the time it gave me to catch up on news in areas of interest as well as on my reading. When I first ran across a post about a Wheel of Time show being produced for Prime Video, Robert Jordan went to the top of my TBR list. I did not want to see the show before reading the source material – at least some of it. I definitely don’t expect to get through it all prior to the show’s debut. So far I’ve finished The Great Hunt (Book 2), and will be starting The Dragon Reborn shortly.

Which brings me to a second favor, the pause in everything also put filming of the Amazon series’ first season – reportedly based on Book 1, The Eye of the World – on hold. While I’m looking very much forward to the show, the hiatus has provided me a chance to get more of the original story under my belt. Now back in production in Prague (and perhaps other locales), the show is expected to air sometime this year. As I write this post, a release date has yet to be announced. I have no doubt , however, that it’s imminent. Rumor has it scripts for a second season of eight episodes are already in the works!

If you want the latest updates, I recommend the WoT Up! YouTube channel and the WoT Series website.

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