About a week ago, I posted about Refocusing, Rearranging, and Rewriting because my day job had suddenly gotten very busy, taking a big bite out of time available for writing. In the post, I promised to set aside a couple of two-hour blocks over that weekend dedicated to editing my draft fantasy book.

Good news! I managed to get in some good time on the project. Admittedly, a runaway task on Saturday robbed me of about half my allotted time. Oh well, that’s why I had two session on the weekend calendar.

I spent these editing sessions doing a structure check. More good news! Much to my surprise, it seemed to me the story fits the 3 Act model fairly well. Is it the epitome of a 3 Act story? Well … close! So, now I can turn my attention to other pressing matters. I’ll come back to structure again.

As I said before, I’m struggling with some elements, such as the amount of descriptive detail to include. I’m also still trying to fill in some blank spots where important ritual lyrics belong. That should probably be my next focus – finishing at least a solid draft of each song.

Making a commitment publicly worked pretty well this last time, so here goes. I will spend at least 5 hours of my time over the next week working on the lyrics. Yes, I’m upping the stakes by a whole hour despite my inability to meet the weekend four hour target. Aim high! Ha!

When I’m done with the songs, I promise to grab an excerpt from one of them and post it. Now, that should motivate me, shouldn’t it?


  1. Yay for hitting that plot structure. I’m looking forward to seeing the song lyrics you write/post.

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    1. DS says:

      Thanks, Priscilla!

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