I’ll make this a short one today. I’ve been working on the songs for FFB, my debut fantasy novel.

Not surprisingly, then, the book has a number of fantasy elements, including ancient gods and their powerful (druidic) priests. I’m writing songs and/or chants as part of rites to be performed at auspicious points in the story.

I promised last week I would focus on finishing the lyrics to plug the gaping holes in my draft currently labeled INSERT SONG HERE. Below is a verse from one of them.

The sacred trees stand free and proud
With outstretched boughs caressing clouds
They coax to earth the blessed rain
That quenches thirst and life sustains 
Our tribe, our beasts, our lands renewed
The plants grow green with gratitude

© DrewSkyler.com All rights reserved.


  1. Good lyrics. They do come across as a song.


    1. DS says:

      Thanks. I was hoping they were headed in the right direction!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Patrick says:



    1. DS says:

      Thanks a lot!


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