You all know the famous painting instructor from public television, right? I’m talking about the fuzzy haired, squirrel-loving, inadvertently ASMR-voiced guy on The Joy of Painting – Bob Ross. And before you rise hands-on-hips to his defense, I’m not denigrating the man. He was wildly successful, built a huge, loyal following, and has created an enduring legacy. What’s to make fun of in that?

Happy Accidents

My point here, though, is not his successful business model. I want to focus on one of his catch phrases. He and his teacher Bill Alexander were well-known for their inclusive approach to art and the mantra that there are no mistakes in painting. Ross called them “happy accidents.”

While I’ve certainly wanted to believe that true, I never had the nerve to attempt a painting of my own. Words have always been my medium, even as a kid. So, I was pretty sure any attempt with paint and a brush would result in too many accidents to end happily.

Logo Challenge

Thus, as I started this blog, I felt challenged when the customization menu encouraged me to upload a logo. A logo? That’s art! As you can see, I managed to settle on my name – text – with minor embellishments to serve. Not a real logo, but something I could manage. Within my artistic capabilities. LOL

Then I was confronted with that thing called a Gravatar. You know, the funky square that gets assigned to you and left behind every time you like someone’s post? The square I was given looked like a weird swatch from some psychedelic quilt. I know I could’ve chosen the ghost icon, but that didn’t seem a better alternative. Yet I kept seeing others out there – probably you – who had beautiful, evocative Gravatars. I wanted one!

Accidental Gravatar

After almost a month, I decided to see if I could come up with something – again using text and beginner-level text effects – which would represent my blog better than the quilt square. I started fiddling around. My first session was spectacularly unsuccessful. In my second try, I waxed bolder with my experiments. I figured it was all in the digital world and could easily be undone or wiped away. Not like oil on canvas.

That’s when BOINK, it happened. I had a happy accident! It’s true. I bumbled and stumbled my way to a graphic that works on the tiny Gravatar scale. Unbelievable! I am so surprised. It’s not as if my creation belongs in any art competitions or exhibitions. Hardly! But for me … it’s a miracle.

You know, sometimes in life it’s the little things that bring us joy. You have to appreciate them because there’s no guarantee the big things will go your way. Now if I can just have a happy accident or two in my writing pursuits. LOL


  1. Yay for your happy accident Gravatar! I have one, just a photo, but sometimes it doesn’t show up when I comment on people’s blogs (and sometimes it does, go figure).


    1. DS says:

      Yes, your Gravatar is great. Weird that it doesn’t always show up, though.

      Liked by 1 person

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