If you’ve visited before, you may know I did a survey last month about where people write. You know – at your desk, on the couch, in a coffee shop, etc. You can find the results of that questionnaire HERE.

This month, I’ve turned to the question of what technology writers use. When I say technology writers, I don’t mean just people writing about technology, I mean what all writers use to record their thoughts. And when I say technology, I’m not just talking digital. Paper made from wood pulp was a big technological breakthrough in it’s day as was the introduction of the ball point pen. No more quills, no more blotters, no more accidental blobs of ink staining a document.

I’m interested in finding out what other people do, how other people write, because I need to learn. If I’m doing something wrong or not doing something I should, I want to know. I thought others might find the topic interesting, too.

Please take a brief moment to fill out the survey below. As with the previous questionnaire, I’ll publish the results in a few weeks. Thanks in advance your responses!

Don’t forget to come back for the results, and let me know in the comments if I’ve missed something.

Happy writing!


  1. Perhaps people dictate, too, but I guess that’d fall under “computer” or wherever the voice recognition software is.

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    1. DS says:

      OH! You’re right. Have you done that – dictated a story? I have enough trouble with the autocorrect/completion on my phone interjecting words I don’t want. I’m not sure I would trust the technology. Perhaps I’m a luddite. LOL


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