A Happily Accidental Gravatar

You all know the famous painting instructor from public television, right? I’m talking about the fuzzy haired, squirrel-loving, inadvertently ASMR-voiced guy on The Joy of Painting – Bob Ross. And before you rise hands-on-hips to his defense, I’m not denigrating the man. He was wildly successful, built a huge, loyal following, and has created anContinue reading “A Happily Accidental Gravatar”

A Grateful Verse For My Book

I’ll make this a short one today. I’ve been working on the songs for FFB, my debut fantasy novel. Not surprisingly, then, the book has a number of fantasy elements, including ancient gods and their powerful (druidic) priests. I’m writing songs and/or chants as part of rites to be performed at auspicious points in theContinue reading “A Grateful Verse For My Book”

A Missing Q Factor

Recently, I mentioned I’d done an initial structure check on my fantasy novel in progress. (By the way, I’m now calling it FFB instead of Title TBD.) Using the 3 Act model, my story was in pretty good shape – acceptable, at least. After all, it’s only my first draft. As heartening as that newsContinue reading “A Missing Q Factor”

Balticon55: A Report

My 2021 Memorial Day weekend was not spent at barbecues and outdoor concerts as many previous holidays have been. This one was spent largely online in Zoom rooms listening to SFF writers discuss their craft and the genre – Balticon55. Not a bad thing, especially considering the weather. (It was cold and rainy in myContinue reading “Balticon55: A Report”