A Happily Accidental Gravatar

You all know the famous painting instructor from public television, right? I’m talking about the fuzzy haired, squirrel-loving, inadvertently ASMR-voiced guy on The Joy of Painting – Bob Ross. And before you rise hands-on-hips to his defense, I’m not denigrating the man. He was wildly successful, built a huge, loyal following, and has created anContinue reading “A Happily Accidental Gravatar”

A Grateful Verse For My Book

I’ll make this a short one today. I’ve been working on the songs for FFB, my debut fantasy novel. Not surprisingly, then, the book has a number of fantasy elements, including ancient gods and their powerful (druidic) priests. I’m writing songs and/or chants as part of rites to be performed at auspicious points in theContinue reading “A Grateful Verse For My Book”

A Missing Q Factor

Recently, I mentioned I’d done an initial structure check on my fantasy novel in progress. (By the way, I’m now calling it FFB instead of Title TBD.) Using the 3 Act model, my story was in pretty good shape – acceptable, at least. After all, it’s only my first draft. As heartening as that newsContinue reading “A Missing Q Factor”